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We are dedicated to providing people with conscientious, hand-crafted products that help them make the world a better place.


By treating yourself and your pet, you will feel more connected to your loved one and help less fortunate animals find their forever home. All our products are carefully crafted by artisans and seamstresses in Puerto Rico and Colombia to bring you high-quality, long-lasting and fair trade designs.


2.7 million dogs and cats are killed every year in the U.S. because shelters are too full and there are not enough people adopting. We are doing our part in raising awareness, funds, and visibility for the homeless animal crisis. We donate a percentage of our proceeds to shelters and incorporate their animals into our marketing campaigns so they have a higher chance of being adopted.



In 2017, two hurricanes hit Puerto Rico. With thousands of people and animals affected, the forecast predicted that it would take at least 50 years for the island to recover its unique shine. We started Rita & Coco to help restore that shine, not just in Puerto Rico but everywhere!